Lia joham


In her song writing Lia is drawn in by the complexities of life and human relationships, which she contextualizes beautifully in her lyrics and music. Proof is her debut single "Thunderstorm", a pop ballad which demonstrates some of Lia's impressive vocal range and soulful lyrics. And the great news is, there is much more to come in the year ahead! 

Music was ever present for Lia growing up which curated her passion for music early on, especially creating her own. Now Lia is performing regularly in Germany when she is not busy in the US writing and recording her music with co-producer Steve Hansen at After her scheduled single releases, expect her first EP later this year and her first album release on the horizon in spring of 2023. 

Born on the Atlantic Island of Bermuda, Lia grew up traversing between the East Coast of the US and Europe,  currently residing in Hamburg, Germany. Lia's powerful yet sensitive and colorful voice impresses together with her song writing skills, drawing listeners to her music and her live performances.

As for many artists, the pandemic years proved challenging also for Lia, delaying most of her planned projects during that time. But she has emerged from that with a mature, soulful sound that will captivate audiences everywhere.  Lia is  ready more than ever to step on and conquer the international music and recording stage.